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Ansgarskolen is the common name for two seperate schools, Ansgar Bible School and Ansgar School of Theology and Mission. Ansgarskolen is located in Kristiansand, address: Fredrik Fransonsvei 4, NO-4635 Kristiansand, Norway. Phone: + 47-38106500, fax: +47-38106599, e.mail:
Ansgar Bible School:

Ansgar Bibelskole (ABS) offers a one year Bible training course for Christians without any particular prerequisites. Most of the students are around 18-20 years old. However, the school is open for students of all ages and from all denominations and churches.

ABS is divided into several courses of study: Bible & discipleship, Bible & music, Bible & sports, plus one track for Bible & dance and one additional year for Bible & ministry. The content of the Bible is basic for all courses. Students are guided through the Bible in one year, based on individual Bible reading and lectures in classes. All courses include an opportunity to go abroad on a class tour. The Bible & ministry course has a second year with some weeks in a guided practical training in local churches. The latter course is designed for lay people who want to prepare themselves for a ministry without academic credentials.

ABS has regularly 70-80 students from all over Norway as well as from the international community.

Ansgar School of Theology and Mission:

Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole (ATH) is a private institution which offers different programs on bachelor (BA) and master (MA) level, all accredited by the proper organisation, representing the National Department of Education, named Norwegian Agency for Quality Asurance in Education (NOKUT). The main field at ATH is Theology and Christianity. General entrance requirements are the same as for studies at University Colleges or Universities. The subject area programs are:
-          BA in Theology with Christianity, Religions and Worldviews
-          BA in Music
-          BA in Intercultural understanding
-          BA in Practical Theology
-          BA in Psychology with Religion and Health
-          MA in Christianity with emphasis on Biblical Studies
-          MA in Christianity with emphasis on Practical Theology

All bachelor programs consist of a total of 180 ECTS credits, corresponding to three years of studies, i.e., one full academic year consists of 60 ECTS credits. All BA program includes a 20 ECTS credits preparatory course, named Examen Philosophicum and Examen Facultatum, requires a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in the given subject area on level 100, and a minimum of 20 ECTS credits on a deeper 200 level in the same subject area. 

In addition to the required 100 ECTS credits mentioned above, the remaining 80 ECTS credits are electives and may partly be taken in the same subject area or among the different courses offered in another subject area at ATH or other accredited colleges or universities, domestic or abroad. The accreditations of the programs at ATH, as well as the structure, grading and regulations of the programs, are designed in accordance with the Bologna agreement between European countries both inside and outside the European Community.

The BA in Theology with Christianity, Religions and Worldviews meets the teaching requirements for Christianity, Religion and World Views in public schools from Primary school to Lower and Upper Secondary School. The same applies for the BA in Music. The BA in Practical Theology is in particular designed for the ministry of a pastor in local churches.

The BA in Theology with Christianity, Religions and Worldviews includes additional electives on both 100 and 200 level, as well as Practical Theology (60 ECTS credits). Also Greek and the New Testament (30 ECTS credits) and Hebrew and the Old Testament (30 ECTS credits) are electives on the BA level.

The BA in Music and the BA in Intercultural understanding consist of the required 100 study ECTS credits in respective programs and of several additional elective courses on the respective 100 and 200 levels, as well as electives which may be taken from other subject areas at ATH or from other University Colleges or Universities.

A completed BA program at ATH gives admission to further studies on the Master level in respective subject areas of Christianity and Theology, Music, Intercultural understanding and Psychology at University Colleges or Universities in Norway or abroad. ATH has a special agreement with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts for further MA studies in different subject areas. Also agreements with other institutions internationally are in the process of being developed.
The MA program in Christianity is offered either with emphasis on Biblical Studies or Practical Theology. Biblical Studies has two focal points: Greek and the New Testament or Hebrew and the Old Testament. MA students are required to write a major project encompassing either 30 ECTS credits (half a year) or 60 ECTS credits (one full academic year).
ATH has around 200 students on campus. Students at ATH are normally offered one tour annually for excursions and studies abroad. Students at the BA in Intercultural understanding must take part in a four week visit program to a ”southern country”.

Ownership, location etc.

The Ansgar School is owned and run by The Mission Covenant Church of Norway (MCCN), Det Norske Misjonsforbund, member of The International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (IFFEC). MCCN is a non-state church with about 9.000 adult members. Like most other Norwegian non-state churches, MCCN is small in number. However, not least because of the Ansgar School, MCCN is of central importance to national and international church life. In terms of theology, Ansgar School is evangelical and conservative, subscribing to the Lausanne Covenant. In terms of ecumenicity, both the faculty and student body are open and belong to different evangelical churches and denominations.

Ansgarskolen is the largest non-Lutheran school of this particular type in Norway.

The name Ansgar comes from the German bishop Ansgar in the 9th century, The Apostle of the Nordic Countries.

The school is located on a lovely campus of about 15 acres on a sunny hill side above the Torridal fjord, located 10 km (6 miles) at the outskirts of the city of Kristiansand (75.000). Kristiansand is the most important city and educational center in the southern part of Norway. The school is located not far from Kjevik Airport, with frequent connections to Copenhagen, Denmark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the main domestic destinations. Kristiansand has a ferry terminal with several daily connections to Denmark (from 2 to 4 ½ hours).

Three dormitories are on campus, including all together 100 rooms with shower and toilet, for single students as well as for families. The campus also includes a chapel, swimming pool and modern classrooms. The school has modern facilities, being built in 1987-88. Plans are made for further extension of class rooms and educational facilities.

Lectures are normally held only in Norwegian. The teachers may help students with other mother tongues to find literature in English and occasionally also other languages.

Utskriftsversjon - Del på facebook

Tirsdag 13. april var det offisiell åpning av Ansgarskolens nye kantine og bibliotek med servering av kake gitt av Kafe Campus. - De siste årene har skolen gjort flere store utbygginger. Det startet med ny kontoravdeling, fortsatte med undervisningsbygg og ikke minst det flotte kapellet. I den siste fasen har nytt bibliotek og kantine blitt gjort ferdig. Det er vi svært stolte over, sier rektor Harald Nygaard.


- Kompetanse på endringsledelse vil alltid være det kritiske punkt for vellykket menighetsfornyelse, sier professor i organisasjon og ledelse ved Universitetet i Agder, Jan Inge Jenssen. Han har i mange år sett behov for en kirkelig lederutdanning som kombiner bibeltro teologisk utdanning og spesialkompetanse på endringsledelse og innovativt lederskap.


Fra fredag 12. mars til søndag 21. mars skal Ansgar Gospel Choir på Vestlandsturne. Kanskje kommer de til et sted nærme deg?


Onsdag 3. februar reiser 10 studenter og lærere fra Ansgarskolen på studietur til Los Angeles, California, hvor de blant annet skal delta på Radicals-konferansen arrangert av Saddlback Church.